Help glasses from slipping

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Here’s something that will do way-more

than just “help glasses from slipping”.

When you wear this your glasses will not keep slipping down your nose.

In fact your glasses won’t be touching your nose. 

Specs-Delight, glasses off the nose.

Glasses off the nose. 

Buy Now – From £19.99

(In Red, Black or Clear) 

From now on you will be wearing

your glasses off your nose.


Only £19.99 (Free Delivery in the UK)


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Wear the Specs-Delight 

Glasses off your nose and ears! (full info HERE)

Specs-Delight” is a Trademark

Patent pending

There are other options that you can try to help glasses from slipping down your nose. You could attach hooks, to the ends of the arms on your glasses, that use your ears to stop your glasses from slipping. There is a glue that some people use to stick glasses to the nose.

There are no options available that help glasses from slipping that actually complete the task. Except, that is, the Specs-Delight. This simple device will lift your glasses just enough for them to be clear of both your nose and ears. When you wear the Specs-Delight you eliminate the issue of glasses slipping, completely.

The Specs-Delight is designed to hold your glasses off your nose and ears. Regular glasses-wearers are feeling the benefit of wearing it all-day-long. 

Specs-Delight – help glasses from slipping

Ever since glasses were first introduced, all glasses-wearers have had to accept that glasses need to rest on the nose and ears. There has never been a choice, until now.

The Specs-Delight will change everything for regular glasses-wearers. No more do we have to just accept the marks on the nose and occasional sore ears that often come from regular glasses wearing.

The appearance of wearing the Specs-Delight may put some people off using it. As the comfort benefits become obvious to more and more people, the Specs-Delight will be seen being worn by more people and become acceptable in appearance.

Most of the time people wear the Specs-Delight when they are alone looking at a computer screen, reading a book or watching television. These are occasions when you can treat yourself to periods of time when the pressure of regular glasses-wearing can be fully removed.

Try the Specs-Delight – pressure off your nose and ears

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