How do I clear my blocked sinuses?

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How do I clear my blocked sinuses

The best way to clear your blocked sinuses is to apply pressure to each side of your nose on the points indicated in the image above. Using the fore-fingers of both hands press into your face and your nose from each side at the same time. Exert enough pressure on the points shown such that the airways into both nostrils are closed off. As you are pressing, try to draw air into your nose.

The best way to do this is to use the back of your tongue to perform a sucking motion inside your mouth where the airways at the back of your nose join the back of your mouth

Find out how to open

your sinuses fast

As you are doing this, release the pressure on one of your fingers that’s pressing in so that a little air is allowed in through one nostril. Keep the finger on the other side pressed to close the other nostril.

What are the pressure

points to clear sinuses?

You should feel a sensation of mucus being disturbed at the front of your sinuses on the side that you have released. What you are attempting to perform here is the opposite of blowing your nose.

Continue to use the back of your tongue to attempt to form a vacuum where the airways from the back of your nose join the back of your mouth. Get this right and you will feel mucus being released through the airways at the back of your nose and into the back of your mouth.

Looking at how you can

manually drain your sinuses

Try to perform this procedure several times over in quick succession, alternating from one side of the nose to the other.

If you can persist with this procedure for a few minutes you should clear your sinuses airways almost completely.

Blocked sinuses at night

The above process is particularly useful in the middle of the night when you wake up with blocked sinuses and you can’t breathe through your nose. You often find that you will have a dry mouth because you will have been sleeping with your mouth open.

If you are one of the many who suffer from blocked sinuses at night when you sleep, keep a bottle of water near your bed. You will need to grab a drink to take away the dryness in your mouth when you wake up in the night. A bottle is better than a glass of water which will tip over easily, just when you need it.

After quenching your immediate thirst, you can set about pressing a finger on each side of your nose and begin the process of clearing your sinuses before going back to sleep.

The best way to do this is to sit up in bed or better still, get out and sit on the side of your bed. This way you may feel that you have more control. After performing the procedure as described earlier, you should feel that your blocked sinuses have been cleared enough for you to be able to breathe more easily through your nose.

You will then be able to get back to sleep. You may also notice that, having carried out the procedure, the sinuses will continue to unblock further and become clear as you are going back to sleep.

We hope that this suggestion for clearing blocked sinuses is helpful to you. If you have concerns about your sinuses or there is any pain involved, then, you need to see a health professional.

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