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Instead of you wearing your glasses, your Specs-Delight will wear them for you!

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    • The ultimate way of stopping glasses from sliding down your nose.
    • The stopping of glasses from making marks on your nose.
    • The support of glasses to be completely off your nose and ears.
    • The idea that the time may be coming when we don’t need nose pads for glasses.

Those of us who need to wear glasses, all the time, know that there can be an issue. Having a contraption resting on our nose and ears all day long is something that we just have to tolerate because we have no choice.

We can select frames that are fashionable which can help with the look and how we feel about wearing glasses. Some master the art of fitting contact lenses which can be worn, now and again but not everyone is suited to this. Then there’s the option of laser surgery which may not appeal to everyone.

So, we’re stuck with wearing glasses. It’s not a big deal. There are worse things that can happen. But there is a relatively small but irritating problem that some of us have to cope with. That is the red mark or indent that constant glasses-wearing can leave.


Glasses marks on nose


And, because we need to wear our glasses all the time, we can’t leave them off long enough for this small and highly visible wound to heal, ever.

There’s plenty of gadgets and ways of stopping glasses from sliding down your nose and there’s plenty of advice about making sure that your glasses are fitted properly by the opticians who supplied them.

But it doesn’t matter how much you paid for the designer-frames or whether you have the right nose pads for your glasses or attention to achieving the best fitting at the opticians, the weight of your glasses has always been on your nose, and ears.

Who said that glasses have to sit on your nose?

That is, until now.

We want to introduce a new and positive way of relieving the problem of your glasses resting on your nose and ears all day long and thus leaving the dreaded red mark on your nose.

This is the Specs-Delight.

Stop glasses slipping_01

It’s designed to take the weight of a pair of glasses and suspend them to be off the nose and ears thus reducing, if not eliminating, the soreness or unsightly problem of the red mark on the nose.

It’s very simple to fit. It needs to be placed on the head from the rear. With a small amount of adjustment it will fit the wearer and receive the glasses when located from the front.

No more glasses sliding down the nose.


The procedure for fitting involves placing the Specs-Delight spectacle lifter, high up on the back of the head.

The glasses are then fitted from the front, placing the arms of the glasses above the front-protruding lifting point and below the rear protruding point on the Specs-delight spectacle lifter.

Stop glasses slipping_02

When assembled, the wearer places thumbs on the front lifting points. Gently pushing forwards and downwards, the assembly is lowered in an arc movement to bring the lenses of the glasses down low enough for vision but not low enough for the pads, on the glasses, to touch the nose.

Stop glasses slipping_03

When fitted correctly the Specs-Delight will suspend the glasses just above the nose and ears. Your glasses will remain suspended off the nose and ears for a significant length of time. You may feel the need to occasionally remove the assembly and reposition it.

Stop glasses slipping_04

The Specs-Delight must be adjusted to suit you

When you wear the Specs-Delight for the first time, it may fit you perfectly but this is unlikely. It will either be too tight or not tight enough and your glasses will slide down to touch your ears and nose.

Whichever it is, it can be remedied.

If the gripping pads are too tight at the front, this can be adjusted by gently bending out the spring-steel at the points shown here. Don’t over-bend as it’s likely that only minor adjustments will be needed.

Stop glasses sliding


When you have opened out the front by slight bending, you may find that there isn’t enough grip at either the front or back. This can be adjusted by bending in the spring-steel band at the back which often involves bending in this fashion.

Stop glasses sliding_02


A curl-up bending is effective at making for a tighter fit.

Avoid attempting to bend at one point as this may pinch-crease the spring-steel band and damage it.

If there is an uncomfortable tightness after making adjustments to tighten it, you can open out the spring-steel band to slacken it off. 

Stop glasses sliding_03

From time to time you may find it necessary to remove your glasses and Specs-Delight because they may have slid down, allowing your glasses to be in contact with your nose and ears. This will depend on the activity that you are engaged in at the time.

The most comfortable nose pads are the nose pads that don’t touch your nose.

It only takes a few seconds to re-fit your Specs-Delight and glasses. You will then be returned to the comfort of wearing your glasses off your nose and ears.

It doesn’t take much gripping of the Specs-Delight on your head for it to support your glasses. If it feels as though your head is in a vice, then, you are wearing it way too tightly. Slacken it off to find the ‘sweet spot’ and get the comfort that the Specs-Delight will bring.

So, give your nose and ears a rest!

Wear the Specs-Delight and experience the bliss of holding your glasses off your nose and ears!


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