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Latest comments from customers.. (updated November 2023)

Feedback- customer says “Good communication, very fast delivery and it works a treat, love it thank you :-)”

Another UK customer says

“….the relief of not having my glasses pressing on my nose is amazing”

A UK customer says

“This really is a great product”

Comment from a customer in Australia

“I received my specs-delight today. Wow they are amazing, exactly what I needed to keep my glasses from denting my nose and they are super comfy.”

Via Twitter (30 June 2023)

“I’ve waited a decade for these to be made! They are simply fantastic I don’t know how I’ve managed without them, for anyone who hates having glasses rest on their nose (causing sinus blockage) these are exactly what you need. I highly recommend.”

A College Student in Belgium

“I’ve been non stop rambling about this product to my family and friends because it truly changed my life so much. I’m a college student who has to wear her glasses 24/7. I used to come home and immediately take off my glasses because it just hurt so much on my nose after wearing them all day everyday. I even preferred not being able to see anything over being able to see with pain on my nose. Now I don’t have to choose anymore so thank you really. It was worth every penny!”

A UK gentleman telephoned us at Specs-Delight…….

to say how his Specs-Delight has transformed his life, now that his glasses are kept completely off his nose. An on-going sore area on his nose was making it extremely painful to wear glasses, and was a big problem…but not any more. He thanked us for designing the Specs-Delight, which solves a very real problem for a lot of glasses-wearers.


One of the best feelings ever, is to develop a new product that someone recognises as a ‘lifesaver’ even before the product gets into production.

One such event is the story of a person* suffering from a sore nose, after an operation, which made wearing glasses very painful for her work.

Upon seeing our pre-launch advertisements, she contacted us about availability of the Specs Delight glasses holder.

We explained that we were some weeks from production and so there would be a delay in supplying her a Specs Delight to use.

However, we did have some pre-production models, that were perfectly good to use in an emergency, so we offered her that option which she readily accepted.

The following is her kind response.

Thanks again for sending this to me so quickly. It’s been a total lifesaver, I really mean that!

After having rhinoplasty I was advised by my surgeon to refrain from wearing my glasses for six weeks. On searching the internet for something I could use to keep the weight off the bridge of my nose Specs Delight seemed by far the least conspicuous and most easy to wear.

I have found the device to be very effective and comfortable. It’s been completely invaluable for me during my recovery as I need my glasses in my work.

I haven’t yet needed to use my glasses in public but it wouldn’t be a problem if I did. I have long hair, so the device is concealed when I use it. The other options available could, in no way, be worn without embarrassment. I’m impressed  that such a simple design completely meets my needs. And I’m so grateful that someone recognised that this is a product that needs to be on the market.

I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to adjust it to fit me, but I was actually able to wear it effectively without adjusting it at all. I should also mention that it is a fraction of the price of the extremely unattractive and awkward alternatives. ”

*We are protecting the person’s privacy at her request.

Since then, we have supplied a person in the US with a pre-production model who had a similar “urgent need” for something to keep the weight off her nose after an operation.

Clearly, the Specs Delight glasses holder is not only for alleviating the real inconvenience and pain of wearing glasses after an operation, but we are delighted (pun intended!) that it helps people in this frustrating time after an op.


Other comments we have received from people who have registered a pre-order.

A truly stunning comment from a US visitor who pre-ordered two Specs Delights.

He said “Thankyou for making this product”

A UK enquirer who has pre-ordered a Specs Delight glasses holder was kind enough to say

Just can’t wait to have one”



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