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For your peace of mind, please note that this Specs-Delight product is available to buy

on both Amazon and Ebay should you choose to order from a well-known website.


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This Website Shop is for Non-UK customers only. If you are visiting this page from the UK click HERE

Any orders from UK customers using the Worldwide Shop will be refunded.

(No UK VAT charged for exports, but (non-UK) local taxes may apply.)

Euro countries average import Duty, VAT and handling is EURO15 extra on arrival for one item.

However, please remember that a Specs-Delight will be in use for you each and every day and shall last for the foreseeable future.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase!

La media dell’IVA all’importazione e della gestione dei paesi dell’Euro è di 15 EURO per un articolo.

La TVA moyenne à l’importation et la manutention dans les pays de la zone euro sont de 15 euros pour un article.

In de eurolanden bedraagt ​​de gemiddelde import-btw en handling € 15,- voor één artikel

In den Euro-Ländern beträgt die durchschnittliche Einfuhrumsatzsteuer und Bearbeitungsgebühr 15 EURO für einen Artikel

El IVA y la manipulación de importación promedio de los países del euro es de 15 euros por artículo.

Euroländernas genomsnittliga importmoms och hanteringen är 15 EURO för en vara Średni podatek VAT od importu i obsługa w krajach euro wynoszą 15 EURO za jedną sztukę

欧元国家平均进口增值税和手续费为一件商品 15 欧元

Ōuyuán guójiā píngjūn jìnkǒu zēngzhí shuì hé shǒuxù fèi wéi yī jiàn shāngpǐn 15 ōuyuán

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Please note that  shipping times, by post, from our warehouse in the UK, can vary, due to postal delays along the route. Allow from 1-4 weeks from ordering. Orders are packed and sent 1-2 days from order.

For larger numbers please contact us HERE

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