Why do my glasses dent my nose?

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Why do my glasses dent my nose?

Your glasses dent your nose because of the constant pressure that glasses bring to bear on your nose. This will happen regardless of whether you have glasses with nose pads or any other nose Bridge.

The usual advice is to go to your optician and ask to have your glasses adjusted so that your glasses fit more comfortably. They will tell you that the nose pads are too tight and that all they need to do is to bend them to open them out to adjust the angle in some way.

Opticians will do their best and they will make adjustments to nose pads to get the best fit that they can for you. But there is nothing that an optician can do to defy gravity. Whatever new position is taken up by the nose pads after a visit to the optician, the nose pads will continue to dent your nose, just in a different place.

It is almost disingenuous for anyone to suggest that making adjustments to glasses will prevent dents in your nose. Opticians can’t adjust gravity.

Looking at why my glasses dent my nose?

The irritation of nose dents or the red marks from wearing glasses, are something that glasses wearers have always had to tolerate since glasses were first designed.

Until now!

There is a way of wearing glasses so that they don’t make a dent in your nose. The only way that this can be achieved is by holding your glasses off your nose while you’re wearing them but still having the quality of vision that you need from your glasses.

This is the Specs-Delight.

Why do my glasses dent my nose?

It will hold your glasses off your nose and, if it’s a problem for you, it will hold them off your ears as well.

The Specs-Delight is designed by someone who has had enough of the dents and marks on the nose. It will gently clasp the back of the head in a manner that will provide a secure holder that will support your glasses off your nose and ears.

Fitted correctly, with the right level of tension, you will barely feel that you’re wearing it. It doesn’t need to be tight-fitting to provide the support that’s needed to hold your glasses off your nose and ears.

You can then experience the bliss of wearing glasses without them touching your nose and ears.

It’s when something is taken away

that we appreciate itmost

You may also notice that, having worn the Specs-Delight for a few hours and then wearing glasses without it, you will notice the difference. It’s when something is taken away that we miss it most.

Have you had enough of your glasses resting heavily on your nose all-day-long, leaving red marks or dents? Do you want to get out of the habit of having to push your glasses back up your nose when they slip? Well, here’s your chance to change things for the better. Find out more about the Specs-Delight and see what it will do for you.

Experience the bliss of wearing

glasses off your nose.

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