Welcome to the troubleshooting page.If you have arrived here from the Amazon Product Support Program – a special welcome! Please look through our troubleshooting page (videos below) and contact us on for personalised help. We look forward to helping you get the best from your Specs-Delight.

Here we give you tips to make sure your Specs-Delight is comfortable and is doing what you want it to do – carry the whole weight of your glasses, and hold them exactly where you want them to be.

Please view the video below which will help you overcome the common fitting problems of being too loose or too tight.

Always make small adjustments and test for a nice fit.

The Specs-Delight is a totally new concept and gives a completely new feel when wearing your glasses.

It will be a new sensation when you first wear it.

Even attaching your glasses is a whole new approach.

We recommend using a mirror while first attaching your glasses, although it won’t take long before you will be attaching your glasses by ‘feel’ and it will become routine.

Just a couple of things to remember, please.

Everyone’s head is very slightly different in size and shape – so – when you first take the Specs-Delight out of the box, and try it on, take note if it is too tight or too slack or loose.

If too tight, just carefully bend the stainless steel headband outwards, evenly each side – just a slight bend, and try it on again.

The correct tension is when the Specs-Delight is comfortable and carries the glasses without sliding downwards.

If too loose, bend the stainless steel headband inwards, each side – just a little, and try it on again.

It might need a couple adjustments until it is both comfortable and supports your glasses without slipping down.

Be sure to mount the headband high up on your head, at the back, before attaching the glasses, and then tilt the front, with the glasses, downwards to desired position above the nose. If the assembly needs lifting up a bit, it is best to take it off again and start from the high-up position, slowly moving it down into the best position for vision.

The Specs-Delight is designed to last a lifetime and to become a constant companion to your glasses, whether at work or at leisure.

Designed for everyday use by all glasses-wearers simply to relieve pressure sores on the nose, the Specs-Delight is, also, highly beneficial for after nose injuries or rhinoplasty, as well as cases of pressure sores caused by glasses frames above the ears.

Anyone who has suffered sunglasses rubbing off makeup on hot days at the beach, can also wear the Specs-Delight to reduce the need for extra makeup woes.

The unique simple and lightweight design of the Specs-Delight should mean that anyone suffering with slipping, or downright uncomfortable frames, can halt those problems for ever, in a stylish and practical way.

By completely carrying the weight of glasses frames, anyone with a smaller nose bridge can choose frames that suit them, rather than having to set up deeper nose pads that are only available on unsuitable frames.

We have worked hard to design and test the Specs-Delight to make your life with spectacles much easier, day to day.

Each one is individually hand-finished and checked, ready for a lifetime of use.

We are always keen to hear your story and any special requirements with your glasses.

Just email us at

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