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Please note that the Specs-Delight spectacles holder should only be used for helping to support a normal pair of glasses on the head of an adult person. For children, it will be possible to provide special sizes to order only.

Children should be supervised by an adult at all times when using the Specs-Delight, but should benefit from avoiding discomfort of wearing spectacles just as an adult does.

The Specs-Delight must under no circumstances be used for any other purpose than holding your spectacles on in a manner to avoid the spectacle frames from touching your nose and ears.

Full adjustment techniques are provided and any problems should be reported to the manufacturer as soon as possible by emailing  info@specsdelight.co.uk

Specs-Delight (a trading name of Rolypig Ltd) cannot be held liable for any other use of the Specs-Delight than to hold standard spectacles off your nose and ears in the accepted normal sense.

Users who wear a Specs-Delight after a surgical procedure, to alleviate post-operative discomfort, must always consult their doctor/surgeon for advice on suitability and guidance before any use.

None of the information contained on this website constitutes personal or general medical advice or suggestion. We advise that you consult your doctor about any conditions that Specs Delight could variously be used for, whether foreseen by The Company or not.

The Specs-Delight product is not a medical device, it is purely an aid for spectacle-wearers to relieve discomfort from prolonged wearing of spectacles.

Users must satisfy themselves that they are competent, and confident, in the fitting and use of the Specs-Delight before operating machinery or driving a vehicle. In most cases having comfortable, stable and correctly-positioned glasses is an aid to better vision, but if in doubt of the safety of use in any circumstances, do not wear the Specs-Delight but please contact us for guidance. Upon proper fitting of the Specs-Delight, if users do find any problems with vision, do not operate machinery or drive any vehicle until you obtain advice from us on correct fitting. In normal circumstances, the Specs-Delight has no material effect on vision but it is a condition of supply that the user must assess any pertinent safety issues and act accordingly if any impairment as a result of using the Specs-Delight comes to light, or is suspected.Thereby, the user must cease use of the Specs-Delight until the problem is resolved. It is obvious immediately if the Specs-Delight is not fitted correctly, and users must stop using the device, immediately, if correct fitment cannot be achieved, where this would cause any aspect of safety of the wearer, or others, to be compromised. This includes (but this is not an exhaustive list), less than optimal vision (even when fitted correctly), glasses significantly displaced due to incorrect fitting of the Specs-Delight, or any other circumstance that leads to any difficulty in safe and comfortable use of the Specs-Delight with your spectacles.

The user is advised to, always, seek advice from a professional optician if any problems with eyesight are apparent at any stage.

The Company (Rolypig Ltd) accepts no liability whatsoever for use of the Specs-Delight in circumstances where the wearer of a Specs-Delight Glasses Holder has not applied due attention to, and acted upon, these Terms and Conditions, in their totality.

Legal stuff;

Nothing contained in this website or the description and layout constitutes a formal offer to supply.

There will be variations in our Terms and Conditions, from time to time, and users must satisfy themselves that any variations are acceptable to them before any purchase or use of the device. Continued use of the Specs-Delight signifies acceptance of all these Terms & Conditions, as amended, from time to time.

We undertake to satisfy all customers’ reasonable requests in a timely manner.

In the unlikely event of goods being faulty, they will be replaced free of charge or refunded as per our Returns & Replacement conditions, which form a part of our Terms & Conditions, at our sole discretion.

If you wish to return the goods for a refund, for any reason, please go to the Returns Page

Postal charges are liable to change.

It is possible that some items will be out of stock and there could be a delay in supplying of 6 weeks or so. In that event we shall offer a full refund if requested.

Uk postage is first class next day service.

Rest of World postage is DHL Globalmail which takes 6-19 days in normal circumstances. Local mail services complete the delivery, and can sometimes be delayed, especially if there is a customs query. There are usually local taxes to pay before delivery can be completed. If you need to tell us about delivery problems email us at info@specsdelight.co.uk and we are happy to resolve the problems. DHL have people in most countries who can investigate and prompt the local post office if necessary.

Please Note; The extra expedited delivery cost, if selected, are non-refundable in the event of a return.

The UK Shop and Worldwide Shop pages are delivered to relevant visitors via a redirection based on IP address. The details in each shop reflect different tax treatments and postage costs for different locales. Please always use your ‘local’ shop. In the unlikely event of you reaching the incorrect page, please choose your correct one. If this is not possible, please Contact Us

By placing an order you agree to the above Terms & Conditions

If you have any concerns about the payment process, please email directly to info@specsdelight.co.uk

As is normal with the Stripe payment process, we, The Merchant, do not store any of your personal credit card information, nor have access to it at any stage.

Rolypig Ltd has been trading since 2003 and is a design and development Company based in the UK.