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New to the list of glasses accessories is the Specs-Delight.

The Specs-Delight is designed to support your glasses off your nose and ears. Regular glasses-wearers find that the Specs-Delight provides relief from the constant pressure that can come from glasses resting on the nose and ears.

Specs-Delight, glasses off the nose.

Glasses off the nose. 

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(In Red, Black or Clear) 

From now on you will be wearing

your glasses off your nose.


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Wear the Specs-Delight 

Glasses off your nose and ears! (full info HERE)

Specs-Delight” is a Trademark

Patent pending

Of all the glasses accessories that you find, this may be the one that you will find the most useful. Fitted correctly, the Specs-Delight will gently grip the back of your head to provide holding-points to which your glasses will be attached.

Having your glasses positioned by the Specs-Delight will reduce instances of sores appearing on your nose and ears. So, take a look at the Specs-Delight and think about how it will work for you.

Specs-Delight – the ultimate glasses accessory

Ever since glasses were first introduced, all glasses-wearers have had to accept that glasses need to rest on the nose and ears. There has never been a choice, until now.

The Specs-Delight will change everything for regular glasses-wearers. No more do we have to just accept the marks on the nose and occasional sore ears that often come from regular glasses wearing.

The appearance of wearing the Specs-Delight may put some people off using it. As the comfort benefits become obvious to more and more people, the Specs-Delight will be seen being worn by more people and become acceptable in appearance.

Most of the time people wear the Specs-Delight when they are alone looking at a computer screen, reading a book or watching television. These are occasions when you can treat yourself to periods of time when the pressure of regular glasses-wearing can be fully removed.

Try the Specs-Delight – pressure off your nose and ears

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