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Fed-up with those nose-dents that glasses leave behind? Enough of pushing your glasses back up your nose?

In the UK, 59% of people wear glasses (Statista survey).

The answer is, the Specs-Delight®.

This completely new, UK-designed product, holds your glasses arms and prevents the frames from touching your nose or ears.

Not only that, there is full forward and back adjustment for lens distance from the eyes, together with infinite upwards and downwards positioning of frames.

Deceptively simple and light-weight, the Specs-Delight® incorporates top-grade stainless steel and specially-crafted soft plastic components for day-long comfort at the computer screen.

An early user describes the Specs-Delight® as a ‘life-saver’ and a pre-launch customer said ‘thankyou for making this product’ even before trying it.

Available to buy at ; (September 2022)


Contact Address; Specs-Delight, Hookhays Farm, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9BG Telephone 01398361656

Specs-Delight® is a registered trade mark.