How to wear glasses after rhinoplasty

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How to wear glasses after rhinoplasty

The only way to wear glasses after rhinoplasty is to position and secure them so that they don’t rest on your nose. You can use a head-band that places a hook at the front of your head. This will support your glasses to be off your nose. An alternative but crude way of achieving the same is to stick your glasses to your forehead using sticky-tape.

The recovery stage is delicate. Figuring out how to wear glasses after rhinoplasty is a challenge that some have put their minds to with some success.

You can wear glasses after rhinoplasty

An example of this is the Specs-Delight.

How to wear glasses after rhinoplasty

The Specs-Delight is designed to allow you to wear glasses in a manner that will keep them off your nose and ears. It’s easy to fit and fully adjustable to suit you. You may find, as many have, that you will want to continue to wear your Specs-Delight beyond the healing phase of your Rhinoplasty.

The Specs-Delight is good for holding your glasses just off your nose on a regular basis. This will help to prevent those marks that most glasses-wearers have to tolerate.

Take a close look at the Specs-Delight and join others in experiencing the bliss of having good vision from glasses without them always pressing on your nose.

You can wear glasses straight after rhinoplasty, for a while

The surgeon will fit a splint to the nose after the rhinoplasty procedure has been completed. This is to hold everything in place during the initial healing phase.

Your glasses, in most cases, will be supported by the splint. The level of discomfort from this will be minimal but it’s only for a short-term. A week after rhinoplasty the splint will need to be removed. If you don’t find another method of wearing glasses, the weight of your glasses will be directly on your nose.

The Specs-Delight isn’t just for rhinoplasty

The Specs-Delight has a use long after rhinoplasty

Glasses wearers need to plan ahead when considering rhinoplasty. There are options for dealing with the problem. The Specs-Delight is the most desirable method for helping you to wear glasses after rhinoplasty surgery.

Especially so when you can carry on wearing the Specs-Delight long after your rhinoplasty surgery has fully healed.

The main reason why most people wear the Specs-Delight is to hold the glasses off the nose. This takes away the pressure of nose-pads resting on the nose regardless of whether you have had any rhinoplasty procedures done.

It’s when something is taken away

that we appreciate it most

You may also notice that, having worn the Specs-Delight for a few hours and then wearing glasses without it, you will notice the difference. It’s when something is taken away that we miss it most.


Have you had enough of your glasses resting heavily on your nose all-day-long, leaving red marks or dents? Do you want to get out of the habit of having to push your glasses back up your nose when they slip? Well, here’s your chance to change things for the better. Find out more about the Specs-Delight and see what it can do for you.

Experience the bliss

of wearing glasses off your nose.


Buy the Specs-Delight now

See the Specs-Delight.


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