How to keep glasses off nose after rhinoplasty

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Here’s something that will keep glasses off your nose after rhinoplasty.

This is the Specs-Delight. When you wear it your glasses will be kept off your nose. You will get the benefit of the vision that you need from glasses without them touching your nose. It will allow you to be able to wear your glasses soon after a rhinoplasty procedure.

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After rhinoplasty surgery there is a problem for those who need to wear glasses. There are basic methods and devices that will keep glasses off the nose after rhinoplasty and throughout the healing process.

But there aren’t many. There is a strap that fits around the head that has a hook that locates at the forehead. The hook is to support the glasses. The most basic of basic methods that appears to be advocated by some surgeons is to use sticky tape to stick the glasses to the forehead. Anything just to hold them up and off that tender area.

There are also special glasses that have face-mounting points that leave out the nose as a regular glasses support. The weight is taken by the upper cheeks each side of the nose. This may work for some but will you want to wear this long after the rhinoplasty surgery has healed?

Another issue being that the rhinoplasty surgery may be so invasive as to make the upper area of the cheeks tender to touch. This would then be a no-go area, at least in the early stages of healing after rhinoplasty.

Specs-Delight – to keep glasses

off nose after rhinoplasty

And, so, we introduce the Specs-Delight. This will allow you to wear glasses off your nose after rhinoplasty. It’s important to fit it correctly. It mustn’t be worn too tightly as this will cause unnecessary discomfort; it doesn’t take much gripping for the Specs-delight to support your glasses off your nose.

The advantages of wearing the Specs-Delight continue beyond all the healing phases after rhinoplasty. Regular glasses-wearers appreciate being able to wear glasses off the nose, regardless of any surgical needs. If your glasses aren’t pressing on the nose all the time the potential for marks and sores from the contact are removed.

Then, there’s the advantage of holding your glasses off your ears. The Specs-Delight will hold your glasses off your nose and ears. There are a growing number of regular glasses-wearers who have had to tolerate, with few viable alternatives, the pressure-point discomfort that glasses can bring.

The Specs-Delight could easily be the answer if wearing glasses, in any circumstance, is a problem for you.

Specs-Delight: the way to wear glasses after a nose job!

Ever since glasses were first introduced, all glasses-wearers have had to accept that glasses need to rest on the nose and ears. There has never been a choice, until now.

The Specs-Delight will change everything for regular glasses-wearers. No more do we have to just accept the marks on the nose and occasional sore ears that often come from regular glasses wearing.

The appearance of wearing the Specs-Delight may put some people off using it. As the comfort benefits become obvious to more and more people, the Specs-Delight will be seen being worn by more people and become acceptable in appearance.

Most of the time people wear the Specs-Delight when they are alone looking at a computer screen, reading a book or watching television. These are occasions when you can treat yourself to periods of time when the pressure of regular glasses-wearing can be fully removed.

Try the Specs-Delight – pressure off your nose and ears

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See the Specs-Delight.


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