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Why is the Specs-Delight too tight on my head?

It doesn’t take much gripping from the Specs-Delight to give your glasses just enough lift to keep them off your nose and ears. Slacken off the stainless steel band.( Bend the steel band outwards-just a little, carefully) Spend some time adjusting the tension so that the grip is light on your head but provides enough tension to support your glasses. You may be surprised at how little tension is actually needed.

Why are my glasses still on my nose when I wear the Specs-Delight?

This will happen when there isn’t enough grip from the tension on the Specs-Delight. Take them off and curl the stainless steel band inwards where the plastic pad is, each side, so they contact your head more firmly, but don’t over do it. You may only need a little more tension to get sufficient grip to support your glasses. See Troubleshooting page.

How far off my nose should my glasses be?

The technical answer to this could be 0.001mm. The point being that any load that has been reduced by lifting your glasses off your nose, even if it is just a slight amount, has to be an improvement.

Do I need to wear it all the time?

No. You don’t need to wear the Specs-Delight all the time but you may find that when you go without them for a while, you will be looking for them to re-establish the comfort that the Specs-Delight brings.

When would be the best time to wear it?

The best time to wear the Specs-Delight is probably going to be when you’re at work or focusing on details that need your undivided attention. This is when you can do without the background irritation of wearing glasses on your nose.

For the relatively few hours when you may be out socialising with others, you may prefer not to wear the Specs-Delight.

Can I wear it when I’m doing physical exercise?

Physical exercise, generally, involves a lot of movement. This will be a challenge when you want the Specs-Delight to stay in place. However, you can make it work for you but you may need to accept that you will need to wear them a little tighter than usual to get enough grip to compete with the erratic movements that exercise can bring.

Can I wear the Specs-Delight with varifocals?

An optician will tell you that glasses have to stay in one exact position for them to be effective. However, we all know that glasses move up and down the nose all-day-long and we can still see through them.

The Specs-Delight will hold your glasses in one place, just off your nose, which will be an improvement on the regular ‘nose-slide’ change of position.

Can I wear the Specs-Delight for driving or using machines?

When fitted correctly, and you are confident in how to wear your spectacles with your Specs-Delight,there is no reason to remove your Specs-Delight for driving a car or operating machinery. It is very important that you have good vision for driving, and if you are concerned about this, then take off your Specs-Delight until you have had more time with the device and are 100% confident with it. Because the Specs-Delight is such an exciting advance in wearing spectacles, we all need some time to get used to it, and, as with any device, your safety is our first consideration. When fitted correctly, there should be no material effect on your vision, but in the unlikely event that you do experience a problem, remove your Specs-Delight, when safe to do so, and call us on 01398361656 Please see this link to our Terms & Conditions for more information.