Can I touch my nose 2 weeks after rhinoplasty?

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Can I touch my nose 2 weeks after rhinoplasty?

Don’t touch your nose for 2 weeks after rhinoplasty.

Your surgeon will guide you on this. The rhinoplasty surgery tends to be quite invasive, leaving the nose in a very tender state. So, tempted as you may be, leave your nose alone and avoid touching it for at least 2 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery.

There are other things that you need to to think about after rhinoplasty.

Don’t touch your nose for 2 weeks after rhinoplasty

Don’t sleep face-down

If you sleep face-down your nose isn’t going to get the trauma-free phase that it needs to allow a good chance for healing. You need to make the effort to sleep on your back, if you don’t regularly do so. Ideally you need to try to hold your head in an elevated position when you sleep, for at least 2 weeks, possibly longer, after rhinoplasty.

Do not attempt to blow your nose after rhinoplasty

Most patients will experience nasal congestion after rhinoplasty surgery. Much of the tissues in your nose will be in a delicate state and can be easily damaged. It’s so important not to even think about blowing your nose throughout the healing phase, which may continue for several weeks after rhinoplasty.

Take precautions when wearing glasses

Many say that you can’t wear glasses after rhinoplasty surgery and they are right, if you’re thinking of allowing them to rest directly on your nose.

However there may be a short while, if you have a splint fitted to your nose immediately after the rhinoplasty has been completed, when you can wear glasses. The splint will, in most cases, take the weight of your glasses without them touching or coming into contact with your nose.

There are ways to stop glasses from touching your nose

There is no doubt that, for several weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, you won’t be able to touch your nose or allow anything to rest directly on it. But there are a few ways around the problem if you need to wear glasses without them touching your nose.

Some surgeons advocate the use of sticky-tape to suspend your glasses above your nose by wrapping the tape around the bridge of your glasses and sticking the other end of the tape to your forehead. This will work as an emergency measure but there are better ways to hold your glasses off your nose.

There is a head-band which dangles a hook from the middle of your forehead. This will provide an anchor for suspending your glasses. It works as an engineering solution that will protect your nose.

Find out about the Specs-Delight

Can I touch my nose 2 weeks after rhinoplasty?

But there is a more attractive and highly effective way of keeping glasses off your nose. Consider the Specs-Delight. The light clamping-force of the Specs-Delight is sufficient to take the full weight of your glasses. Not only will the Specs-Delight stop your glasses from touching your nose it will, when fitted correctly, hold them off your ears as well.

The Specs-Delight isn’t just for stopping your glasses from touching your nose after rhinoplasty. It can be worn as a means of preventing the marks on your nose that most regular glasses-wearers often suffer.

It’s when something is taken away

that we appreciate it most

You may also notice that, having worn the Specs-Delight for a few hours and then wearing glasses without it, you will notice the difference. It’s when something is taken away that we miss it most.

Have you had enough of your glasses resting heavily on your nose all-day-long, leaving red marks or dents? Do you want to get out of the habit of having to push your glasses back up your nose when they slip? Well, here’s your chance to change things for the better. Find out more about the Specs-Delight and see how it can help you to continue wearing glasses without them touching your nose during the healing phase after rhinoplasty. Then, see how continued regular use will help you make glasses wearing more comfortable.

Experience the bliss

of wearing glasses off your nose.


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