Can glasses leave an indent on the nose?

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Can glasses leave an indent on the nose?

Glasses can, and often do, leave an indent on each side of your nose. This is often put down to bad-fitting glasses. Adjustments can be made to nose pads of glasses but there will always be the problem of gravity. The constant pressure of wearing glasses is the main reason for the indents on the nose.

Prevent indents on the nose, wear the Specs-Delight

How can we prevent glasses from leaving indents on the nose?

Most people just accept the indents and marks that glasses leave but there are a few things that we can do to bring relief.

Glasses attachments

There are attachments which you can add to your glasses that will stop your glasses from slipping down your nose. There are nose pads that can be fitted to plastic frames to change the pressure-point on the nose. These changes will help for a short while. There will always be the continued issue of your glasses leaving indents on the nose.

Reposition the nose pads

This is what the optician will suggest. It’s probably the only thing that they can work with. Rearranging the position or angles of the nose pads will bring some relief for a while. It may be an option to replace the nose pads that you have with bigger pads so that they spread out the weight. Ultimately the weight and pressure will still be there but in a slightly different place. Your glasses will continue to leave an indent on the nose.

Go for lighter frames

The indents on your nose from wearing glasses will always be about the weight of your glasses. Heavy glasses will leave an indent. Look for the thinnest frame-style of glasses that will work with the thickness of lenses that you require. An ideal solution may be to go for rimless glasses. But whatever style or weight of glasses you have, there will continue to be a pressure-point that will leave an indent on the nose.

Massage the indents

When you notice that your glasses have generated indents, it may help if you massage the area. You need to avoid any friction on the skin as this will make the indent worse. Use an unscented moisturiser, perhaps a petroleum jelly.

What else can you do to manage indents on the nose?

Regular washing of the skin on your nose. There is never any shortage of dust and grit-particles that will find its way in between your glasses and the skin of your nose. This will damage the skin, making you more prone to indents appearing.

Have a spare pair of glasses that are a different style but the same prescription. Doing this will allow you to alternate between the two. It will allow for a variation in the pressure points on your nose.

Will nose dents from glasses go away?

Dents or indents from glasses will not go away without some level of intervention. If you have to wear prescription-glasses all the time, then, your options are limited. What glasses-wearers need is the ability to wear glasses without them touching the nose.

You can stop glasses from

leaving indents on your nose

All of the above are things we can do to help relieve a problem that we glasses-wearers have always had to put up with, until now.

There’s a way of wearing glasses that will allow them to be off the nose. By doing this we have the best chance we will ever have of reducing, or maybe eliminating, the instances of indents in the nose. If your glasses don’t touch your nose, they can’t leave indents.

This is the Specs-Delight.

Can glasses leave an indent on the nose?

It will hold your glasses off your nose and, if it’s a problem for you, it will hold them off your ears as well.

The Specs-Delight is designed by someone who has had enough of the eyeglass marks and indents on the nose. It will gently clasp the back of the head in a manner that will provide a secure holder that will support your glasses off your nose and ears.

Fitted correctly, with the right level of tension, you will barely feel that you’re wearing it. It doesn’t need to be tight-fitting to provide the support that’s needed to hold your glasses off your nose and ears.

You can then experience the bliss of wearing glasses without them touching your nose and ears.

It’s when something is taken away that

we appreciate itmost

You may also notice that, having worn the Specs-Delight for a few hours and then wearing glasses without it, you will notice the difference. It’s when something is taken away that we miss it most.

Have you had enough of your glasses resting heavily on your nose all-day-long, leaving eyeglass marks or indents? Do you want to get out of the habit of having to push your glasses back up your nose when they slip? Well, here’s your chance to change things for the better. Find out more about the Specs-Delight and see what it will do for you.

Experience the bliss of

wearing glasses off your nose.

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