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After a long development period, we are pleased to announce the Specs-Delight spectacles holder is now available. Please visit the UK Shop or Worldwide Shop  on this website.

The Specs-Delight: a brief history.

Designed by someone who’s had enough of glasses resting on the nose and leaving those red marks and dents, we bring you the Specs-Delight. A deceptively simple device that will keep your glasses off your nose.

The Specs-Delight has been tried and tested over many months..

The ‘go to’ Standard.

With its simple and highly-effective design, we are confident that the Specs-Delight will become the ‘go to’ standard equipment for wearing glasses.

Now that the Specs-Delight has gone into production others can experience the same relief of wearing glasses as they never have before. If you would also like to make those nose dents and red marks from glasses a thing of the past, here is your chance.

A new way of wearing glasses

The Specs-Delight is a game-changer. It will stop your glasses from hurting your nose due to constant glasses-wearing. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear the Specs-Delight all the time. Just wear it to hold your glasses off your nose for those long daytime sessions when you’re looking at a computer screen, but, we think you’ll miss it so much that you will end up wearing it all the time!

The Specs-Delight will give your nose a long rest. Get Yours Today!







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EX16 9BG

United Kingdom.

Email info@specsdelight.co.uk

Telephone +44(0)1398361656



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